Best Proxy software to open blocked websites

As there are many free proxy softwares through which we can open blocked websites but either they contain very irritating adds or slow down our Internet connection....
So we can't enjoy our surfing experience but in this post i will tell you about ADDS FREE AND FAST PROXY SOFTWARE which is ABSOLUTELY FREE...

Yeah i am talking about "Spotflux" now in this tutorial i will show you how to use it...:)

Step 1:
Go and download it for Windows.

Step 2:
Now click on downloaded file and open it. 
Now you get this screen..

Uncheck "Install to default location" if you want to install it in your desired location.
then click NEXT >.

Step 3:
Uncheck "Install Dashlane"

Personally, I did not use this software so i will not recommend you to install it.

Now click on NEXT >.
After that Spotflux is now installing.

Step 4:
Now finally you can launch Spotflux.

Check Launch Spotflux and click on finish.

Step 5:
Now Spotflux will secure and make your connection with their Proxy server.

Step 6:
When Spotflux make your connecton secure it will open Spotflux website in your defualt browser.

Now how to close Spotflux:   

Step 1:
Its not too much complicated just go to the right most side of the Taskbar and click on arrow as.

Step 2:
Now click on arrow and you will find the Spotflux

Right click on it.

Step 3:
Now here you can Quit Spotflux and also change settings.

That`s it :)

Cheers and share with your friends and also give us a like  :) !!
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